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”MSP 2.0 has to be the most exciting aspect of BNI that I have seen in my 4 years as a member of BNI. I thought I understood and knew how to work the BNI model but I realized after seeing MSP 2 that I have not begun to reach the potential for referrals that BNI offers me.

I know that we are extremely fortunate in South Alabama and Northwest Florida to have access to the skills and expertise of the BNI Franchise in Michigan. They have developed and have implemented MSP 2.0 trainings for all of their members and it is a wonderful training session. MSP 2.0 will teach a member two specific things: 1 --- BNI is not a get rich quick scheme2 --- This training will show how a member can expect the number of referrals that they receive to increase over time through their participation in BNI. One of the most valuable benefits of MSP 2.0 is learning about the money funnel and how to be very specific in what you are asking for in your referrals."

Larry Creekmore – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"One of the greatest trainings training experiences that I have had in BNI was MSP 2.0. The class combines all the elements that new members need to start out in BNI on the right track. The referral curve, how to give 60 second commercials, and how to give a good referral. The training really gets you involved in learning the materials as it is taught in a participatory style. Even though I have been in BNI a long time and have taken MSP training in the past, after I took MSP 2.0, I have been able to take what I learned and adapted it so that I am now receiving a better quality referrals. I learned how to do the “Specific Ask.” Wow, every BNI member needs to know how to do this!"

Michelle Buechner – Mobile, AL