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The Certified Networker Program is ideal for small business owners and sales professionals who have grown weary of time and cost intensive lead acquisition and cold calling. They will learn how to dramatically improve sales prospecting efficiency with proven referral marketing approaches.

The program’s customized curriculum is designed to provide business professionals with tips, tools, and techniques to help them become more effective and productive business networkers. In addition, all participants leave the program with their own customized referral-based marketing business plan.

The Certified Networker Program is taught in a series of 12 interactive modules designed to give participants a complete overview of the referral marketing process along with requisite skills and a plan that insures success.

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Certified Networker Training Modules

Module 1 – Finding Your Starting Point
Understand your business and reasons why customers choose you or your business over your competitors.

Module 2 – Identifying Prospects Using the VCP Process
Determine who to communicate the message of your business to so that you can drive the relationships that are important to building your network through a three-phase model that will ultimately put more money in your pocket.

Module 3 – Developing Network Prospects – The GAINS Profile
Develop relationships that you have already identified as potential sources of referrals in terms of the VCP model to strengthen your network. Discuss 15 ways that others can promote you. Learn how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your network and learn to use the GAINS Profile.

Module 4 – Eighteen Tactics to Motivate Your Sources
Motivate your networking sources to establish and develop a stronger and deeper business relationship.

Module 5 – Activating Your Referral Network
Identify potential sources of referrals using a five-phase system.

Module 6- Building and Evaluating Your Network’s Effectiveness
Developing a system for tracking your referral source and quality of referrals.

Module 7 – Working with Contact Spheres
Understand the concept of a hub firm, develop an understanding of how to mine a “vein” for referrals, and learn the six types of networking groups.

Module 8 – Creating and Giving an Effective 10- Minute Presentation
Deliver your presentation with style and confidence; learn how to give an effective 10 to 12 minute presentation.

Module 9 – The 10 Commandments of Networking a Mixer
You will never find a business mixer to be a waste of time again when you learn how to effectively network at these events.

Module 10 – Tools and Techniques for Enhancing Your Business Image
Designing and assembling an image that generates qualified referrals.

Module 11- Making Introductions That Last
Ensuring that your referrals sources remember and reward you.

Module 12 – Asking for Referrals and Thanking Your Referral Sources
Learn how to effectively ask for referrals and reward those who give them to you.

The Benefits of the Certified Networker® Program

Hear what others are saying about it

In my role as a business development specialist (and also as a business owner) I immediately saw the value and impact this program could have for small business owners and sales professionals. Many people “spin their wheels” in an attempt to get business and end up chasing unproductive business. The Certified Networker Program (CNP) helps those people to understand their business then provides specific direction as how to improve sales prospecting efficiency with proven referral marketing approaches. Referral-based marketing is different from “networking.” CNP takes “networking” to a higher-level referral-based marketing. Most people believe that networking means meeting as many people as you can. Referral-based marketing means meeting the right people. Effective referral-based marketing means working smarter, not harder and it doesn’t just happen. It takes a strategic and specific plan.

Danette Richards, Mobile Area Chamber, Director, Small Bus. Development, Mobile, AL

WOW! It’s the $$$$ that determine whether or not a program works… and the “Certified Networker Program” WORKS! Royal Detail, Inc. is an Auto Detailing business, and our average job ticket is less than $150.00. Forming a Power Team with other businesses who “take their services to the customer,” just as we do, was the first thing that I did upon completion of the CNP course. During the 3rd month of working with this Power Team, we can track income directly related to referrals from our team totaling over $4000.00! If you’re interested in increasing your income through networking, the Certified Networker Program will help you refine the process.

Marsha McCarra, Royal Detail, Inc., Pensacola, FL

After applying the conventional method of prospecting, I was concerned with the amount of time and energy spent to produce only marginal results. The Certified Networker Program taught me how to network more efficiently by developing relationships with key business people with similar client demographics. This target market focus is the essential key in producing more qualified referrals for all our businesses. My new sector-driven business relationships provide excellent opportunities to expand my clientele and gain distinct insights into client needs and their satisfaction with my services.

Annette Brinkley Davis, Catering Director Bienville Club, Mobile, AL

“ I recently moved to this area to expand the service area of my company. The Certified Networker Program training provided me the structured plan to approach this new territory. The strategies and tactics that are presented in the material are measurable, and most importantly effective. The theories, presented from the broad to the specific, provided activities to implement immediately with immediate results. Having been trained in referral-based marketing, by my industry, and being active in word-of-mouth sales for more than 15 years, this course completely rearranged my thinking. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the advanced methodologies of CNP.”

Susan Luker, TimePlus Payroll, Fairhope, AL

As project director for the Women's Business Center and as a business coach, the Certified Networker Program has given me great referral marketing tools that I can use or share with my clients. By developing relationships with people that share your client demographics, it allows you to build a solid foundation with a team of people that can ultimately have a great impact on the growth of your business or organization.

Sylvia Browder, Project Director, Women’s Business Center, Inc., Mobile, AL

For upcoming classes in your area, please click here and search for CNP Preview.